Scale Model is a synth-pop/rock band based in Nashville, TN. They combine interweaving guitars and synthesizers with catchy vocal melodies and a danceable rhythm section to create a sound that transcends the staples of pop.

Photo by HN James

After relocating to Nashville from Chicago in 2009, singer/keyboardist Megan Rox and guitarist Dave Johnson solidified the current band lineup in 2011. They released a self-titled EP in August of 2012, and began working on their debut full-length album Star in 2013 with Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes (Turbo Fruits, Pujol, Tristen, Forget Cassettes) and Brian Carter at Paradox Productions (Glossary, The Nobility, The Features). It was mixed by Matt Mahaffey (Self, Beck, The Sounds, Pink). The band released the Deluxe Edition of Star, with select remixes, in 2014.

Family life slowed the process of writing new material through 2015 and most of 2016, but the band brought in bassist/synth guru Aaron Irons (The Non-Commissioned Officers, Jasmin Kaset) and went back into the studio with Jeremy Ferguson (Battle Tapes) to record and mix their last EP, Afterglow, in mid-2016. It was released on May 12, 2017.

In 2019 and 2020, Scale Model will be releasing several new singles and music videos. Follow us on Instagram, Spotify or Bandcamp to get the scoop!

Press Quotes

“Nashville indie rockers Scale Model are back boasting an expanded lineup…that needs to be on your new music radar now…and the expanded sound is immediately noticable in the lush, dance-ready soundscapes that propel “Other Voices” through visions of Depeche Mode, while vocalist Megan Rox soars above as though channeling Annie Lennox.”

No Country For New Nashville, 2017

“Their territory has typically been the New Wave-ier side of synth pop, and their new four-track EP Afterglow expands on that nicely. Contributions from new member Aaron Irons and his fortress of synths lock in with Steve Cross behind the kit and drum machine to create a perfect setting for launching vocalist Megan Rox into space. Guitars also play a bigger role here than on the group’s 2014 record Star, sounding like they might take flight any second. Most importantly, the songs offer satisfyingly weird takes that make normal stuff like rain, social media and pollution sound like they belong in a sci-fi novel.”

Stephen Trageser, Nashville Scene, 2017

“Scale Model have undoubtedly found a middle ground between tight, heavy sounding drums, bass, and guitar, and the transient yet forward-propelling synth that makes the whole cluster of tracks on their recently released Star album transcend the normative staples of the over-saturated pop genre. What feels right (or at least absolutely right now) about Scale Model is the perfect balance throughout Star; every element in its place and in service of a set of sinuous, hook-laden, elegantly crafted pop songs.”

Amadeus Magazine, 2014

“From the reverb-slathered, Edge-esque guitar riff of album opener “El Cheapo” to the hearty, resounding synth line of closer “Impression,” locals Scale Model’s debut LP Star is rife with sonic references to the biggest, sleekest synth-pop and post-punk acts of the ’80s. Star’s standout…is likely its unapologetically glossy production, created with a cast of all-stars including Jeremy Ferguson and Bully frontwoman Alicia Bognanno (who oversaw tracking at Battle Tapes) and Self’s Matt Mahaffey (who mixed the record). The songs themselves are fun, optimistic and endearingly nerdy…”

D. Patrick Rodgers, Nashville Scene, 2014
Photo by Matthew L. Hankins

“A catchy fusion of danceable electro-rock and synth progressions, Scale Model commands control of the dreamy pop space set into motion by late 70’s Cure-esque post-punk and mid-80’s new-wave, and continued by bands like Beach House and Metric. With compelling, optimistic rhythms, the album is confidently crafted, featuring an assured mastery of ambient sound. Singer Megan Rox boasts a snowy, refined voice that could harken back equally to a soft, folky tune in a 1960’s Cambridge cafe as it could to a slew of synth-pop European discotheques.”

Lockeland Springsteen, 2014